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Political world maps, physical world maps, and other styles such as environmental world map and antique world map plus the full national geographic society map catalogue. Every known postcode is included, along with state, territory and suburb locality information. The editable ai, svg and pdf versions of this map are recommended for professional cartographers and graphic designers working in adobe illustrator who understand how to scale and output vector artwork. All files are supplied for your personal use and are not for resale nor commercial gain, nor can any file content be modified.

Using mapline, you can easily create a territory map of uk postcode districts like these. Oct 23, 20 unable to use the united kingdom uk postcode data to create map boundaries. A free pdf uk a4 map showing every postcode area including clear boundary lines. Download reconstructed uk postcode polygons january 2015 in shapefile format from here. Download free postcode maps and use our sales territory mapping tool to colour pdf maps online. The postcode data here is updated weekly hopefully from those sources. All files are supplied for your personal use and are not for resale nor commercial gain, nor can any file content be modified for resale. Choose the united kingdom country package to get united kingdom maps and detailed demographic data for postcode areas, sectors, and districts, counties, districts, output areas, constituencies, and provinces. Colour postcode maps into different zones or territories and save as pdf, jpg or eps files for print or distribution by email. Best uk postcodes map with all the postcode districts. Allowing you to view a postcode area map, a postcode district map or just a plain. We have used ordnance survey map bases and the latest royal mail postcode data supplied by geoplan, so your business decisions will be based on the most recent information available. Uk map centres range of uk postcode maps provides more detail and better clarity for your money. Aeb postcode dataset into three spreadsheet readable csv files.

Infologic 2011 not to be copied or resold without permission uk. Free tools to quickly show postcode data on a map gov. Map of the uk where you can see the locations of all area level postcodes toghter with the boundaries for areas, districts and sectors. Best uk postcodes map with all the postcode districts, post. We sell accurate, editable map bases for websites, brochures, books, magazines and apps. Free download uk postcode area and district maps in pdf. Postcodes and census data some australia post postcodes are not. Simply download your map from mapline, overlay your excel data. Download excel file list of counties of uk download excel files. Home postcode maps wall maps of every postcode in the uk. All gb postcode areas detailing districts as free downloadable pdf files. Thus, w1a, rh1, and se1p are some examples of postcode districts. Used by thousands of businesses daily to produce colourful, informative maps which instantly convey the message intended.

It is the postcode area plus one or two numerical digits. Equirectangular projection with latitude stretching 170%, wgs84 datum. Mar 30, 2016 free tools to quickly show postcode data on a map. The following links are to sources of geospatial data and is intended for the use of researchers who cannot afford to buy expensive datasets. You dont need specially trained staff to use this site. Our postcode products assign geographies to postcodes using two different methodologies, depending on your requirements.

Map sales data by postcode area, district and sector free. London postcode area, district, sector files this london postcode area district sector map is fully editable using a vector editing software package such as adobe illustrator or inkscape. Postcode maps are an essential resource to assist with business planning. Gb postcode areas, districts, towns, motorways, a roads and rd. Download uk postcode outcode boundaries free map tools. Map of gaps 2 a postcode lottery for women who experience violence each year, three million women in britain experience rape, domestic violence, stalking or other violence. The smallest postcode districts on this map are legible only when the map is blown up to large poster size. Com editable uk postcode maps and a4 location maps. This tool can also be used to find roughly where in the uk a postcode is. Huge uk postcode area map with county shading gif or pdf. Uk area map unlock, here you can customise and colour a uk area postcode or zipcode map with our mappoint alternative territory mapping tool. We also have a uk postcodes map some customers need both maps as the london postcodes are far too dense. Jan 11, 2014 download list of counties of uk in excel, csv and pdf free of cost. The kml download is fantastic but was hoping it would be possible to also include postcode districts, even if just for london or where one could find this, e.

My end game is to have a file for the uk where i can colour within the boundaries of a postcode outcode by a dimension in the dataset. Uk postcodes, 29 million addresses, counties, wards, grid references, boundary files and so much more. You can use this page to view any kml files from the web on a map. Our geography guidance converting shapefiles to mapinfo pdf will guide users on how to convert shapefiles for use in mapinfo. Many millions more are dealing with abuse experienced in the past. Labelled map of royal mail postcode areas of the united kingdom and crown dependencies with. Mismatch between council area and 2014 health board area pdf 85 kb for the 20141 extract we added the 2014 health board area codes retrospectively to the database which has caused a slight mismatch between the council and health board relationship on a small number of the records. Discussion in general business forum started by macmacman, sep, 2015. My challenge at the moment is that tableau currently doesnt have the uk postcode outcode areas as a map. Reconstructed uk postcode boundaries open door logistics.

This file is licensed by the ordnance survey of the united kingdom under their os. Uk postcode map editing with adobe illustrator youtube. Please observe the usage terms here redistribution of map images is only permitted in return for a weblink. London street map illustrator, svg, pdf, jpeg formats.

Free interactive postcode district web map and address counts. The system is preloaded with uk postcode based polygons. Showing all the postcode areas and districts along with motorways, aroads, towns and cities. Option 1 use uk postcode districts outcodes, the first twotofourcharacter segment of the fivetosevencharacter uk postcode, to create map boundaries. We can create an editable vector map in illustrator pdf and other formats tailored to your specifications at a. This map is an introduction to uk postcode mapping for business and features the 124 postcode areas that make up the uk postal codes. The detailed london street map covers a square area of london stretching from hammersmith in the west to aldgate in the east, and highbury in the north to clapham in the south. Users should, therefore, be aware of the limitations of the postal area classification. The map base includes building shapes and all of central londons roads plotted and labelled with live text. Map of london postcodes editable royalty free vector map. Open data feeds heres a list of the open data available on this site, primarily as kml. This map is fully editable using a vector editing software package. Download a uk postcode map with districts, uk postcode map. Map colours are there to show distinct postcode prefixes, and have no specific meaning.

It is currently owned and maintained by royal mail, and made available to anyone wishing to use it. The boundaries are available to members of the one scotland mapping agreement osma. Environment tableau desktop resolution use one of the following workarounds. This is a downloadable software product once you have purchased it you will be given instructions on how to download it. Copyright map logic ltd 2011 uk eire postcode area eh ml ll sy. I have an excel file with one column of about 5000 uk postcodes. This month we see the addition of postcode boundary files thanks to the ordnance survey data. I want to display them on a uk map as pins to show the distribution across the uk and see where most of them are. Our royaltyfree terms allow you to use a map for commercial purposes without any limit on print run or page views.

This template displays an imagemap of the postcode districts and post towns in the london postal district or one of the 121 united kingdom postcode areas ab to ze, including bt but excluding the non uk crown dependencies of gy, im and je. Labelled map of royal mail postcode areas of the united kingdom and crown dependencies with insets for manchester and london conurbations. Download list of counties of uk in excel, csv and pdf free of cost. Here you can customise and colour a uk district map. Press the arrow button to see the kml files i know about email me if you know of other interesting kml feeds showhide last kml. You will need a licence to use the australian postcode list for commercial or business purposes. Jul 28, 2015 uk postcode map editing with adobe illustrator. Unable to create united kingdom maps using postcodes. The files provide details of new and deleted postcodes.

From small to huge sizes and available either as printed maps or for download as. Uk postcode maps and uk county map colouring software. Colour postcode maps into different zones or territories and save as pdf, jpg or eps files. Therefore, you will need to output it as a zoomable pdf or tile the map break it up into a series of smaller images, such as in an atlas or zoom into metropolitan areas to make sensible use of it according to your needs.

Whilst we have included low cost data, it is not our intention to advertise or support companies selling commercial data. Or you can download just the postcodes that are still in use in these countries. Use these files to design and map uk sales or delivery territories. A map of the uk with postcode areas identified and coloured, created within adobe illustrator cs2 and can be edited. England part 1, part 2 or a single file that is too large for excel england. Featuring a simple outline map of the uk with the major towns and cities marked the map has all the.

Upload your data as a simple csv file and create a map in seconds. Download free 4digit pdf postal code maps of the united kingdom. With absolutely no graphic design experience you can create a fully customised pdf postcode map of the uk split into zones. Jul 29, 2019 2019 to 2020 devolution postcode dataset guidance. Over 200 uk postcode maps using our xtreme accuracy postcode boundaries and a europe postcode map. In 2007, the inaugural map of gaps report documented for the. Postcode and county map files download for designers. W114 instead of just w which is in itself not that helpful. Hence, all the datasets are either free or cost under.

Includes postal sectors, districts, and areas, plus postcode points. Australia posts postcode data file is the most accurate and uptodate list of postcodes in australia. Dt dorchester 4 digit postcode district map gb maps. Map creation software for postcode maps and county.

Postcode districts within greater london authority postcode districts gla boundary see map 2. Also showing road numbers, junction numbers, airports, major rivers, lakes and waterways. Key features of maptitude with the united kingdom uk country package. This is useless without the names of the postcodes. At map marketing, we are committed to ensuring our clients receive the very best in postcode mapping which reflects current boundary information as released by the royal mail and our publishing partner. Digital boundaries file specification pdf postcode unit boundaries. Shapefile polygons defining the boundaries of uk postcode areas, districts and sectors are available here for download, for use in our open source territory design software or other applications. The gif and locked pdf versions of the postcode map are high resolution images, suitable for viewing on screen and digital devices or for use within gis systems. Free postcode map resources relating to postcodes and postcode maps. A free interactive uk postcode area and postcode district web map with zoom and pan, and address count statistics. Showing all the postcode areas, districts and sectors in central london. Postcode areas free uk pdf map postcode address file. When you have eliminated the javascript, whatever remains must be an empty page.

Quickly download, open and edit postcode maps using illustrator. Edit a 4digit postcode district map online and export a customised editable vector based pdf map with our dedicated postcode district map colouring tools. Our postcode mapping tool is simple to use yet powerful at creating sales territory maps, delivery zone maps and coverage area maps. Business map designers specialising in uk postcode maps, location maps and vector editable outline maps of the world. I appreciate this thread is a bit old but on looking for something similar to this i couldnt find anything better so i thought id share how id customised it to make it more interactive. Free postcode area and district maps of dorchester. We produce two key postcode products the ons postcode directory onspd and the national statistics postcode lookup nspl which are used by a wide variety of customers, including central and local government, private. Unfortunately official maps of postcode boundaries have not been updated since the early 1990s and none of the more recent interpretations have been endorsed by australia post.

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